Light Circle
Occasional Picture March 2013

Light Circle.

Light Ring

© 2013 Marina Rundell


The excerpts below are from Jack Kornfield’s book, The Wise Heart.

From the section, “From Delusion To Wisdom. Awakening From The Dream.”

“The goal of Buddhist psychology is to help us see clearly. When we are lost in delusion, it’s hard to see even the most obvious truths. Ajahn Chah said, “It’s like we’re riding a horse and asking, ‘Where’s the horse?’”

“You live in illusion and the appearance of things,” says Tibetan lama Kalu Rinpoche. ‘There is a reality but you do not know this.’ Without seeing clearly, we take the surface illusion of things to be reality. Delusion underlies all the other unhealthy states. Grasping and clinging arise from the delusion of scarcity, an inability to sense our wholeness and life’s abundance. Aversion and hatred arise from a misguided search for security, from the mistaken belief that hatred can make us safer. And at the root of delusion itself is the illusion of a separate, limited sense of self.”

“Freedom from delusion is so important that the first words of the Buddha after his enlightenment were a poem describing this liberation. ‘O housebuilder, thou art seen at last,’ he proclaims. ‘The ridgepole is broken, the rafters are shattered. No more shall you build this house of sorrow.’ Delusion is the ridgepole that holds up the rafters of clinging, anger, fear, and sorrow. Seeing through delusion, the Buddha liberated himself from the house of human suffering and walked away free.”

“As a meditation teacher, I’ve seen delusion even at the top of the Buddhist world. There are certain masters and their disciples who arrogantly denigrate the practices of other masters or abuse their students, believing that it is for the students’ own good. When I’m honest, I see that I too can be arrogant and insensitive; I too can get caught by my own delusions.”

“Delusion can lead us to ignore the facts and cling to our views and opinions; it creates a loss of connection with reality.”

“Our ordinary delusion can take us from the reality of the present into the unreality of our thoughts and confused misperceptions.”

“This is the fifteenth principle of Buddhist psychology:”

“Delusion misunderstands the world and forgets who we are. Delusion gives rise to all unhealthy states. Free yourself from delusion and see with wisdom.”



I’ve been told it costs more to make me than what I’m worth.
Other countries have already excommunicated me
From their currency. Less and less worship my value anymore.
I reflect back on the pure copper days when only one of me had power
To pay for pieces of candy and the wrapper to cover them up with.
Now, I may have to resign from global circulation, give up my buying status
Awakened by the rising costs of retaining the image stamped on me
A portrait of humanity.

© 2013 Marina Rundell


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