Occasional Picture May 2013

The sunshine says to the tree:

"You can't take your bark with you."


© 2013 Marina Rundell



Electedcuted for decades now
The self-public servant
Can get things done

As he completes in a static flash
In handwritten notes a hot ticket to fly
Right now, immediately, no waiting in line

Lightning doesn’t have a chance
To shed one tear
As it has been zapped dry

From seeing we’re connected
In many powerful ways

Scrooge the public from shared
Taxpaying services
And all get burnt

So why not electrify
For the common good?

© 2013 Marina Rundell



My goal is to get re-percolated
My view of being a winner
Rather than being a loser

So let’s celebrate
By lifting up the lid and pouring
The liquid brew
From the election before

Same moldy cup, let drip
So I can vote
To continue darkening
My insider trading

© 2013 Marina Rundell


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