Fishermen in Mist
Occasional Picture November 2013

Fishermen in boat anchored in mist.

Fishermen in Mist

© 2013 Marina Rundell



Swipe the screen  
to the right

make the elephant trample
its fists on anything

that refuses to get hit
that won’t listen

to the one and only
deaf direction it wants

Swipe again
the animal can only go

right to the right of right
because it is right

You want to free
this heavy four-legged creature

into the wide open spaces
of so many more ways

So you swipe left
it won’t go left

The screen is frozen
on a one-way

© 2013 Marina Rundell



Denymecare is Team One
showing off colors
at a premium
clear as black and white

Bailouts is Team Two
dressing up its mascot
like one in a million
to be foamy and furry

Swipe the screen slow
fast in any direction
for each team to try whatever
they can get away with

Both teams win
holding a rabid trophy
shaped like an aftertaste
of skunk gone wild

causing a high demand
for a supply of mints

© 2013 Marina Rundell


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