Strategic Air and Space Museum Images
Occasional Picture October 2013

Strategic Air and Space Museum Images index. Image below is shown outside one of the planes at the museum.

War Weary

© 2013 Marina Rundell



You’ve made your point

You can use force anytime
You can control
You can be the law
You can judge
You cannot be wrong
You cannot be weak
You can do whatever you want
You can make threats
You can stay in power
You can loudly claim

I am a somebody!

And the world hears only
The voices of your dead
And your living fleeing you

Your Rule Truly

Your Nobodies

© 2013 Marina Rundell



one of the most beautiful places
instills thanks and affection
for this great country
as captions remain alive
and the dead are loved

but tree-lined walkways
reflecting pools and grass
have been removed
to make way for more
memorials of war

© 2013 Marina Rundell



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So you take a break, return
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to whatever may happen in the unexpected
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these two little words
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© 2013 Marina Rundell


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