Sea Lions at Pier 39
Occasional Picture April 2014

Sea Lions at Pier 39, in San Francisco, California.

Sea Lions at Pier 39

© 2014 Marina Rundell


“When you learn about something, you form a notion about it. This is very natural. But if you’re then caught by that notion, you don’t let in new information or ideas to change that notion. You cannot progress on your spiritual path. So whatever you have learned, whatever you have heard, you should be careful not to consider it to be the absolute truth. You should be able to let it go in order to arrive at a higher truth.”

“You have to strike the match skillfully in order to bring about the flame. When the flame has manifested, it will consume the match. When insight is born, it will consume the view. There is no longer any view. You are free. There is insight, not view. It is the insight that liberates you, not the view.”

“The third aspect of Right Diligence is to invite the beneficial seeds to come up. Think of a beneficial seed as you would a friend you haven’t seen for a while. Her presence in the living room brings a lot of joy. So send her an invitation. You know that her presence in your living room will dissipate the darkness and sorrow. That friend is in you—the capacity to be happy, joyful, and compassionate—and these friends are always available. We should invite them into the living room often. It’s not too difficult to do. Every time I have a friend like that in my living room, I enjoy it very much. Joy and happiness are always possible. We can create a feeling of joy, happiness, serenity, peace, self-fulfillment, or forgiveness by giving the beneficial things a chance to manifest.”

- Good Citizens, by Thich Nhat Hanh


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