Candle Christmas Decoration
Occasional Picture December 2014

Season's Greetings!

Candle Christmas decoration.

Christmas Decoration Christmas Decoration

© 2014 Marina Rundell



Here I am with everyone else
showing up
whenever we want

Crossing a river or desert would seem more difficult
than crossing the vast ocean which didn’t stop us from
showing up
whenever we want

If only my great, great, great granddaughter
were to see me now walking among
all these settlements
showing up
whenever we want

In the future we may grow in number
I see it now already
we would probably be called
illegals who were
showing up
whenever we want

© 2014 Marina Rundell



I arrive here with hope
To cast my vote

An old lady
Asks for my photo ID

I hand it to her
Like her ancestor

Who did before chant
I me grant

She may not claim
To have said the same

Her ancestor
Was not her

That was then
There are laws now

That was them
This is her now

It seems her identity
She can’t ID

© 2014 Marina Rundell


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