Occasional Picture January 2014

Happy New Year!

Like the peacock below, another year of varied points of view.

Peacock Front

Peacock Side

Peacock Back

© 2014 Marina Rundell



At breakfast, coffee sipping
the sleep away, the white flakes caked
at the corners of the mouth
where snores used to be,
or the salty crystals filling in
crow’s feet at the eyes
during a smile or not,
and on top of that
the hair showing confusion
like a punk movement
needing no explanation
but to defy gravity
waiting for the next genius
to revise Newton’s equations.

At lunch, soup spilling
chicken noodles or tomato
sopped down with a sandwich
smearing mustard on chins,
or how about the lettuce
playing hide-and-seek in teeth
from hawk-eyes swooping down
with stares, startling lids to glare
while submitting to gravity
Newton continues to prove.

At supper, wine sipping silently,
tired noses adding noise to the quiet
with a cough accompanied by a sneeze
hidden by an elbow when grabbing the tissue
is too late or on time to blow the nose,
or how about sitting at the keyboard table
hunch-backing, neck stretching,
ear scratching, napkin kissing
after snacking, then lip balming
as a way to dine away
or lotion away Newton's theories.

At bedtime, mint chewing
believing the day can last longer
with good breath,
or how about the drowsy expressions,
and who knows what else
in front of the webcam
with or without gravity.
At this point Newton is no longer
needed to explain anything.

At night, the not-seeing-anything troll
can’t take it anymore.
How much more of humanity must he watch?
So he whistles to the world, enough!
Even Newton had a stopping point.
He must push the power button
in the direction of gravity
as the lights on the computer faint off.

© 2014 Marina Rundell



Four unusual days now the wind
has been sighing nonstop
for maple seeds to helicopter down
and cluster into the gutter

When neglected there
they sprout from their own soil
into stick figures scribbled
at the edge of a rooftop
clearly making themselves
an announcement from up above

Without a word they seem to say
we’re appearing where we shouldn’t
like all the storms lately
recurring too much when they shouldn’t
bringing changes for everyone
a truth that has never lied
and thus is very stable

so I’ve learned
to stop asking questions
and simply observe
within this stability

especially when something
someone has gone
disappearing when they shouldn’t
clearly making a point about absences
for those left behind

to simply observe all the appearances
disappearances outside the window
how tree trunks have the latest fall fashion
wearing collars of perfectly flat circles
of red, orange, and yellow leaves
not worrying over the mower
coughing them away
into bundled shawls for warmth

© 2014 Marina Rundell



i look at the lake
and it hushes
loud waves

i look at the hills
and they mumble
a foggy horizon

i look at the sky
and it whispers
drowsy sunsets

it seems the lake hills sky
can’t speak for you

and at the same time they can
because with them
no phones can be found

if you can see the humor in this
then i’m glad, as i hope

we seek our intention to be
for both of us to live clearly

© 2014 Marina Rundell


"'My friends, every time I use the word Buddha, I suffer. I am allergic to it. Every time I do it, I have to go to the bathroom and rinse my mouth three times in succession.' He said this in order to help his disciples not to get caught up in the notion of Buddha. The Buddha is one thing, but the notion of Buddha is another."

- Thich Nhat Hanh, from his book, True Love. A Practice for Awakening the Heart.


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