Occasional Picture July 2014



© 2014 Marina Rundell



clouds mark their way east
with a lightning show
leaving behind rain

you forgot the umbrella
so you hurry for shelter
underneath a huge tree

not realizing
you’re standing
on cactuses
like chameleons
in the grass

your first thought
the pain of thorns
fortunately your shoes
fulfill their function

you still get rained on
but at least the drops
don’t have a clear landing

you lean the lawn chair
sideways to empty out
the pooled water
you still choose not to sit

everyone is having issues
somebody lost the car keys
found their missing child
shiver in the cold

why are we all here
to listen to music live
eat funnel cakes
kettle corn shaved ice
toss around glow sticks
glowing green

why are we all here
because someone called
that nothing is cancelled

the display will go on
this country will go on
blazing up a trail of light
changing the sky

with a colorful show
leaving in place
our affection

© 2014 Marina Rundell


"...the Buddha feels compassion for us, not because we suffer but because we do not see the path, and that is the cause of our suffering."

"Out of compassion, the Buddha said, 'No, sir, we have not seen your cows. Maybe you should look for them elsewhere.'

When the farmer was gone, the Buddha turned to his monks, looked at them deeply, smiled, and said, 'Dear friends, do you know that you are the happiest people on Earth? You don't have any cows to lose.'

So, my friends, if you have cows, look deeply into the nature of your cows to see whether they have been bringing you happiness or suffering. You should learn the art of releasing your cows. The key thing is to let go and free yourself..."

- Essential Writings, Thich Nhat Hanh


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