Rocks at Arches National Park
Occasional Picture June 2014

Rocks at Arches National Park

Arches National Park picture

© 2014 Marina Rundell




Come with me then, my son;
      Thine eyes are wide for truth:
And I will give thee memories,
     And thou shalt give me youth.

The lake laps in silver,
     The streamlet leaps her length:
And I will give thee wisdom,
     And thou shalt give me strength.

The mist is on the moorland,
     The rain roughs the reed:
And I will give thee patience,
     And thou shalt give me speed.

When lightnings lash the skyline
     Then thou shalt learn thy part:
And when the heav’ns are direst,
     For thee to give me heart.

Forthrightness I will teach thee;
     The vision and the scope;
To hold the hand of honour:--
     And thou shalt give me hope;

And when the heav’ns are deepest
     And stars most bright above;
May God then teach thee duty;
     And thou shalt teach me love.

- Sir Ronald Ross

Poetry Foundation


“I know a boy of twelve whose father asked him one day: ‘Son, what would you like for your birthday present?’ The boy did not know how to answer his father, who was a very rich man, able to buy anything for his son. But the boy did not want anything except his father’s presence. Because the role the father played kept him very busy, he did not have time to devote to his wife and children. Being rich is an obstacle to loving. When you are rich, you want to continue to be rich, and so you end up devoting all your time, all your energy in your daily life, to staying rich. If this father were to understand what true love is, he would do whatever is necessary to find time for his son and his wife.”

- True Love, A Practice for Awakening the Heart, by Thich Nhat Hanh,


“When we’re lost in thought, we can’t be really present. Descartes said, ‘I think therefore I am’; but most of the time, the truth is more like ‘I think, therefore I am not really here.’”

“When we concentrate on our breath, we’re not carried off by thoughts about the past or the future. We’re free of all thinking.”

“Our in-breath is not a thought. It’s a reality. We are living the reality that is our in-breath.”

“…when we breathe mindfully, we realize that we’re alive…we can get in touch and live every moment of our daily lives as a miracle. And we can do it right now, today.”

“How closely you’re in touch with reality depends on your way of breathing and looking.”

- Fear, Essential Wisdom For Getting Through The Storm, by Thich Nhat Hanh


“If we can relax when our strong emotions come, then we don’t pass fear on to our children and to future generations. If we stay with our fear, suppressing it and then letting it explode, we are sharing that fear with the young people around us, and they will consume it and pass it on. But if we know how to handle our own fear, we will be more able to help our loved ones and our young ones handle theirs…Modeling calm in the face of fear, and teaching young people how to weather their own storms, you are teaching a very valuable skill…”

- Fear, Essential Wisdom For Getting Through The Storm, by Thich Nhat Hanh



If the universe were taking a desert hike
and on its path is a copper coin, change

dropped and left to the elements
coated by a layer of green

it would pick up that coin, spend it
spin it to re-circulate in any weather

once more trees can be seen
twisting their knees to the heat

rocks can be found
standing their ground to storms

people can be heard
turning trees and rocks into tools

dropped and clinking like change
to be picked up

© 2014 Marina Rundell


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