Johnson Space Center Display
Occasional Picture March 2014

Display at the Johnson Space Center.

Astronauts, Cords, and Capsule

© 2014 Marina Rundell



An astronaut is fitted
with a cord to give him oxygen

As he floats in outer space
he feels like singing

What else is there to do
but enjoy the view

With love in his heart
he sings a patriotic song

About spacious space skies
and ample waves of darkness

From a foreign frontier
not exclusive to anyone

This life-giving string
that has no language

© 2014 Marina Rundell


during a tour
in Atlanta, Georgia
about twenty years ago

displays reminisced
of anything Americana

think Santa Claus
happily holding a bottle
with the iconic shape

you become immersed
in all this sacredness

so you are surprised
at the end of the tour

you are treated to drink
samples that cater to tastes
from around the globe

some had a lemon flavor
others not as sweet
colors not the iconic cola

the spirit of this large room
with dispensers filling
small plastic cups

is the best part
you’ll always remember
like an advertisement
for embracing a bigger world

© 2014 Marina Rundell


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