Child Playing
Occasional Picture November 2014

Child playing with bucket inside tunnel.

child playing with bucket inside tunnel

© 2014 Marina Rundell



Did the batter break a bat
Did the baseman bag a catch
Did the catcher fake a ball
Did the shortstop slide for all
Did the outfield glove a hit

Definitely, you answer

Did the pitcher aim the plate
Did his grip slip out of place
Did his eyes blind for a spell
Did experience make him miss

Not sure, you answer

Someone got knocked down
And couldn’t get up
An anyone target
With a bullseye for a stop

© 2014 Marina Rundell


No slides, seesaws,
forts, or swings,

but batters jumping
ducking, springing

from bullying
not pitching

Reflexes saved them
except for one

Thank goodness
he can still run

© 2014 Marina Rundell


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