Christmas Ornaments
Occasional Picture December 2015

Merry Christmas!

   -Translation: Happy Holidays!

Christmas Ornaments

© 2015 Marina Rundell



Humbug Christmas to you, Ghost 1.
I, Ebenezer, am ignoring your lessons of loves lost.
I’m too attached to my hurt to ask why.

Humbug Christmas to you, Ghost 2.
I, Ebenezer, can’t join the festivities at the moment.
I’m still living in the past to do that.

Humbug Christmas to you, Ghost 3.
I, Ebenezer, don’t need kind words about me.
I’ll stay a miser with my love.

Ghosts, stop visiting me every Christmas!
I’ll keep pushing you away! Go ahead give-up!
But I’m glad you didn’t.

© 2015 Marina Rundell




Dear three sons
I love you very much
And because of this love
We’ve hurt for the many
Christmases we missed together

But the past is done
And nothing more there
Can be done

The present is now
As grown decisive men
Will you call and start
A relationship with me now

If not, then continue pretending
I’m lost in storms at sea
I’m stranded growing potatoes in Mars
I’m in Neverland fighting Captain Hook

One day you can stop pretending
That I’m lost, stranded, or in a storybook

I have died
You will always find me gone
Every Christmas from now on

© 2015 Marina Rundell


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