Christmas Lights at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park
Occasional Picture January 2015

Happy New Year!

Christmas lights at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park

Sar-Ko-ParTrails Park

© 2015 Marina Rundell



I’ve never stepped
on mudwater

My shoes have soles
that repel it

My raincoat doesn’t drip
to make it

My tears don’t drop
to mix with it

My views can’t focus
to recognize it

My words confirm
I’ve not touched it

I’ve never splashed
in mudwater

I’m too busy spraying it
all over

© 2015 Marina Rundell



The backyard was walled
by thick bamboo
asking guess who
is on the other side

Critters of all sorts
centipeding, eight-legging
hopping, speeding,
fluttering, moving

On this side of the bamboo
at evening above the lawn
morning glories yawn
closing in place

nodding for rest
intertwined to stay upright
with bamboo for the night
perfectly balanced

In the morning
they are trumpets half-tuned
tucked like an instrument
on reserve

Until the sun
gives them a message directly
to open in melody
all day long

© 2015 Marina Rundell


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