Big Dam Bridge
Occasional Picture March 2015

Big Dam Bridge, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas

© 2015 Marina Rundell


Excerpt from My Spiritual Journey, Personal Reflections, Teachings, and Talks, The Dalai Lama, Collected by Sofia Stril-Rever,
Translated by Charlotte Mandell:

“It is up to us to recognize the necessity of different philosophical views and to acknowledge that every spiritual tradition is good, since each one helps millions of people to progress and to suffer less by becoming better. For each person, there is one single way and one single truth to acquire, but one must still accept the truth of other traditions. Even if another tradition goes against our own convictions, it has its own reason for being, in the support it provides for others. So we should have our own convictions, on the one hand, but on the other hand, we should keep our minds open and tolerant toward those who don’t share them.”



This is what Grandmere said about the rugs on the ceilings,
on the floor, on the walls, all from her many,
repeated trips to Tibet. She spoke like it was possible
for a country to sound like a soothing waterfall.

I have also purchased plenty of rugs that are made in Tibet.
They don’t have price tags and I don’t have to travel there.
I have also placed them all around for surround-sound.

Now I understand what Grandmere must have felt, sensed, absorbed.
I can see her smiling, walking, leading, showing her group of tourists
clean air, happy people, a peaceful way of being, seen and unseen.

Now I understand her excitement that filled her entire living room
where I stood in wonder of her energy, watching her silently
sitting on her chair, feet on a rest, glasses on, reading,
returning to Tibet, reliving her spiritual journey.

© 2015 Marina Rundell



It’s off to reporting I go
mining stories here and there
resume’ building yes I dare
marching with the flow
everywhere I go
for that coveted anchor chair
saying anything anywhere
off to fairytale land I go
to sneeze, sleep, and dope like so,
to quack, smile, shy, grump like so,
hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho

© 2015 Marina Rundell


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