Roadside Sign
Occasional Picture March 2016

Pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, roadside sign.

Roadside Sign

© 2016 Marina Rundell


Also known as sawdust.
Real parmesan?
That was so twentieth century
When there were only
Millions to feed.

Now, all the soy
Lent elsewhere
Because today we have
Billions to feed.

© 2016 Marina Rundell


No pro-life without me, says the man.
Why is everyone ignoring me?
When a clinic is forced to close?

No orphans without me, says the man.
Why is everyone ignoring me?
When adoptions are revoked?

No population without me, says the man.
Why is everyone ignoring me?
When pregnancy is forced to term?

© 2016 Marina Rundell

In the movie, American Beauty, after Lester makes Angela a sandwich, she  asks him, “How are you doing?” and Lester answers, “It has been a long time since anybody asked me that. I’m great.”
While no one is flawless, including himself, Lester discovers he is “great,” in more ways than one, around flawed surroundings, after making the right choice in the following scene:

Angela: “This is my first time.”

Lester: “You’re kidding.”

Angela: “I’m sorry. I still want to do it. I just thought I should tell you in
case you wondered why I wasn’t better. What’s wrong? I thought you said I was beautiful.”

Lester: “You are beautiful. You are so beautiful. And I would be a very lucky man.”

Angela: “I feel so stupid.”

Lester: “Don’t. Shhhhh.”

Angela: “I’m sorry.”

Lester: “You have nothing to be sorry about. It’s okay. Everything’s okay.”




human wisdom
is the big and furry hat’s folly
to daily show
and nightly show
new rules
made to amend
the ways of crooked
voting sticks
preserving themselves
inside musty vaults

© 2016 Marina Rundell


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