Baby Wreath
Occasional Picture May 2016

Baby Wreath.

Baby Wreath


© 2016 Marina Rundell


First the shoes.
Symbols of success.

Second the socks.
Warmth from the cold.

Third the sucker.
Pacifier for peace.

Fourth the bottle.
Sustenance for hunger.

Fifth the lotion.
Water for the skin.

Sixth the Soap.
Cleanliness all over.

Seventh the mitt.  
Washing off the day.

Eighth the diapers.
Waste of life.

Ninth the toy.
Rattle for joy.

These have been
counted on for years.

Will you add
more truths,

a few lies,

as you learn
to untie

one answer
at a time.

© 2016 Marina Rundell



observe your repetitive thoughts
watch your repetitive emotions
to stop them from holding you hostage
in non-stop repetitive delusions

© 2016 Marina Rundell



I am a senior citizen who wants to vote
But the laws have got me by the throat.
My driver’s license has been revoked.

Who can solve this? Who has a clue?
Will you tell me who? Is it you?

My picture’s on my card showing silver hair.
My photo is smiling because you care.
My face is now on my Medicare.

© 2016 Marina Rundell


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