Occasional Picture November 2016

"Whoooo got elected!?!" scowled the owl.



© 2016 Marina Rundell



Go back to Asia
Go back to Europe
Go back to Africa
Go back to where
You came from

Leave America alone
To its spacious skies
Amber waves of grain
Purple mountain majesties
Fruited plains

Leave America alone
Don’t land on its shores
Don’t see how it’s shed by grace
Don’t let it be crowned by good
Don’t live in its brotherhood

Leave America alone
Don’t cultivate its plains
Don’t build on its mountains
Don’t fly in its spacious skies

Leave America alone
Go back if your ancestors arrived
Yesterday, go back if you arrived
Today, go back, I say,
No one can stay

But I know you will stay
You are an American from Asia
You are an American from Europe
You are an American from Africa
You are an American from wherever

You won’t leave America alone
You won’t go back
You won’t go back home
Why? Because America
Is now your home

I can’t kick you all out
I can’t have it all to myself
So what must I do, again?

I must love the attitude
Of a great American tune
And sing from sea to shining sea
O beautiful, and croon

© 2016 Marina Rundell


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