Desert View
Occasional Picture April 2017

The assuring view of the desert.

Desert Road Trip

© 2016
Marina Rundell


When you know the truth, that you committed no wrongdoing, but for some inexplicable reason someone lingers on an incorrect and ignorant view and thus is still cold towards you, even after you have sent warmth and kindness their way, sometimes there’s simply nothing more you can do, but to continue living and enjoying life. This is reiterated in Ron Clark’s book, from an excerpt in The Essential 55:

“I recently found out that a former administrator of mine was upset with me because of a comment I made that she had taken the wrong way. I am the type of person who likes everyone to be happy, and I hate the thought of having anyone angry with me. I didn’t really want to apologize, because I didn’t mean for what I said to be taken the way she perceived it. It was bothering me, though, and when I asked my mother for advice, she told me that I should either write a letter or call the person and explain the situation. I decided to do both. First I wrote a letter, and later I called. Neither worked to smooth over the situation, as the administrator remained cold and distant. It continued to bother me, and I again asked my mother for advice, and she told me something very wise. She said, ‘Ron, you have taken the pressure off yourself. You did the right thing; you called and made your peace. Now the burden is not on you anymore, it is on her. If she chooses to live with it, then let her, but I want you to stop worrying about it.’”

“My mother was right. We can’t let things bother us to the point that they make us sick. We have to realize there are some things we can’t change, and there are times when there are no easy solutions. It is best to deal with those situations the best we can, take the pressure off of ourselves, and move on.”



Along this row are annuals like
Amaranthus, Calibrachoa, Pennisetum.

Beside them are perennials like
Agapanthus, Kniphofia, Verbascum.

After teleprompting these names out loud
a proxy leader can sound very botanical.

© 2017 Marina Rundell



The people’s house has a missing in action.    
The Mrs is modeling abstraction.     
She is making use of this strength.
She is smiling and posing indoors at length.
She is letting a golfing dad sign things.
She is like a single mom signing son things.
She is quietly not giving speeches.
She has learned what copying teaches.
She may be remembered as the Mrs in action
Or the Mrs who is present with inaction.

© 2017 Marina Rundell


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