Soldier's Grave
Occasional Picture July 2017

Soldier’s grave. When this soldier served, the United States was barely over a hundred years.

When you see something like this, you have to take a picture, as a way to say, "Thank you for helping to make the next hundred years, today, possible."

Soldier's Grave


© 2017 Marina Rundell



She lifts the dark veil that covers
her entire face to show her mouth opening
teeth gleaming as she bites a juicy hamburger.

It’s a shocking image.

In good humor one can see how a handy napkin
is not being put to good use, but instead kept clean.

Her husband, too, enjoys the addictive flavor
of a fast food sandwich, but first nature calls
and he must go do his duty.

Upon his return, he looks around the restaurant.
All the women are tented from head to toe in black.

Who knows which one is smiling beautifully? Which one isn’t?
Who knows which one is pouting youthfully? Which one isn’t?
Seems all the husbands don’t want anyone to know.

Where is his wife? He looks at the table where they sat
but she isn’t there. Did she leave the table? Is she
one of the women standing in line to order more food?

He doesn’t think so. Finally, he sees his wife
and walks over to join her and sits down at their table.

The woman quickly exclaims, “Sir, this is not your table.”
He quickly gets up as she doesn’t sound like his wife.

He can clearly see with his eyes, but all around him,
he can’t recognize his wife’s face, as if he were a blind man.

© 2017 Marina Rundell


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