Occasional Picture June 2017

The assuring view of a butterfly clinging on a screen during a very windy day.



© 2017 Marina Rundell



I want to rule the world
with my one-eyed specialty

of making more
Chum Buckets!

But first I must remove
Demo and Cracy,

and put in Russ and Ian
to profit from krabby patties

by stealing the secret formula
and finally destroy the Krusty Krab

so I can declare myself ruler
of all Chum Buckets!

All the smelly leftovers,
all the ground up fish skin,

all the scraps
I’ll be mixed in.

© 2017 Marina Rundell



I declare
at the confessional

nothing else furry
shall be present.

Only I
wear fur
the best!

The cat

© 2017 Marina Rundell


“Trevor, remember a man is not determined by how much he earns. You can still be a man of the house and earn less than your woman. Being a man is not what you have, it’s who you are. Being more of a man doesn’t mean your woman has to be less than you.”

Born A Crime, Trevor Noah



You must prove
you are chaste
by wearing a cover
over your face
at all times

except for a hole
for your nose
because you do
have to breathe.

Two holes
for your eyes?
No need.
Don’t bother
opening them.
Keeping them closed
displays your chasteness
as a man.

Don’t see with wide eyes,
or listen to anything
disputing the wisdom
of thousands of years
that chasteness alone
determines your honor,

nothing else, not your life’s
work, not your ability
to overcome difficulty,
not your mindfulness
for your loved ones,
and so many more
to make it through
this life.

Only chasteness
dictates your honor
and because this has been
the belief for many generations,
it must not be questioned.

Because you have proven
that you are chaste
you have thus earned your dignity.
You are rewarded with the right
to be walked out in public
for a few hours only.



© 2017 Marina Rundell


“I exit my car and use the remote lock. I stand up straight, my eyes focused on the ground, and I walk, neither fast nor slow, toward my place of work.”

“It is never lost on me that the women in the waiting room have had to walk past these protesters, too. Even if they were escorted to the door by a cheerful young pro-choice activist with bright pink hair who carries a protective rainbow umbrella, they’ve heard the vitriol—different from the insults hurled at me, but no less offensive. ‘Think twice!’ ‘Don’t murder your baby!’ The antis shout these things, as if these women had not minds of their own. As if their decision fails to merit respect. As if they were not, as most of them are, adults exercising a legal right to make a private health-care decision for themselves. (Imagine, if you will, these verbal assaults being hurled at any other person having made any consequential health-care choice: the decision to pursue a potentially fatal course of chemotherapy, for example. ‘Don’t risk your life! Suicide!’) The protesters find it so easy to insult the women who come to me seeking care—as if rationally deciding to terminate a pregnancy makes a woman heedless and irresponsible like a child. In my experience, the opposite is true: By the time a woman finds herself in my waiting room she has already walked a long, introspective road. She has had to take a good, hard look at her life. She has taken a world of contradictory and sometimes difficult factors into account. Whatever sex act got her here—an intercourse lit by love, passion, lust, hope, indifference, and, yes, sometimes incest or rape—is long past and obliterated now by more pressing, pragmatic concerns. It is my personal belief that the abhorrence of abortion expressed by the men who place themselves at the barricades in front of abortion clinics is actually a misplaced horror at women’s sexual autonomy. It stands to reason: women’s sexual independence is the thing that men have always wanted to control. But for the women in the abortion clinic waiting room, the sex itself is history and totally beside the point. They are here to pursue their lives.”

- Life’s Work. A Moral Argument For Choice, Dr. Willie Parker


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