Ocean View
Occasional Picture March 2017

The assuring view of the ocean.

Ocean View

© 2016 Marina Rundell



there’s this quote
that says:

fool me once
shame on you

fool me twice
shame on me

except in matters
of the heart

it seeks courage
to admit love

and must
revise the quote:

love you once    
shame on me

love you twice    
shame on me

love you again
cause there’s no shame

in the matters
of a warm heart

© 2017 Marina Rundell


the wind is going
where it’s going

whistling by fortunes
and misfortunes

bringing by love
and its thorns

believing we can cope
with it all

cradling us both up
and holding us

carrying us along
wherever it’s going

returning here for a beginning
by calling and answering

© 2017 Marina Rundell



sad, sad, sad,
drums the band

counting teardrops
down crow’s feet

sad, sad, sad,
cymbals the band

clanging pity
on fouled cheeks

sad, sad, sad,
trombones the band

groaning losses
on knotted lips

bad, bad, bad
shows the scoreboard

losing and winning
in a March apocalypse

© 2017 Marina Rundell


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