Intramuros Cannons
Occasional Picture November 2017

Intramuros Cannons, Manila, Philippines.

Intramuros Manila Cannons

© 2017 Marina Rundell



I didn’t like
what you watched.
This you both sensed

but I didn’t stop you
because I knew
you didn’t have a clue.

You had to discover
for yourselves the truth
how guns didn’t soothe

like the sons
on the show
who shot the ammo.

You were both young,
curious, fascinated,
weekly awaited

the history
of semiautomatics
like it wasn’t problematic.

The show answered your questions,
maybe even fulfilled the hunger,
the innocent fantasy and wonder

of shooting a gun,
as you both comfortably
lay on the couch silently

watching what became
what you thought would be fun
when you both fired a real gun.

You complained
about losing your hearing
and the constant ringing

in your ear
when you aimed
the trigger and claimed

to hit the target in the distance.
Since that day, you chose
to stop watching episodes

which were still going strong.
You both must have discovered
going deaf was the truth you uncovered.

© 2017 Marina Rundell



A lady wearing a bikini
gets harassed.

A lady wearing a burqa
gets harassed.

If it’s not the clothes
then what is it?

It is power not aware
it is showing

its powerlessness
to a lady’s power

so it uses force,
and afterwards

to cover it all up.

© 2017 Marina Rundell


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