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Occasional Picture February 2018

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Two crooked
encouraging foreign invasion

Two crooked
not signing a sanction

Two crooked
holding the biggest button

Two crooked
chilling with a cheeseburger

Two crooked
tapping propaganda against the press

Two crooked
entitling truthful free speech for self only

Two crooked
tweeting mental genius stability

Two crooked
put in place to stay crooked

© 2018 Marina Rundell


You cannot speak.
You must be meek.

You cannot utter a peep
or you’ll be bleeped.

Be very quiet.
Don’t be a prophet.

Don’t even cough
or you’ll be handcuffed.

In the tourist bus
this was a big fuss.

In the museum
this was an ultimatum.

In the restaurant
this was a repeated chant.

So if you like to talk freely,
don’t go and spend a dime in this country.

© 2018 Marina Rundell


I slept with and chased a porn star in my tidy-whity
and paid her 130,000 maggots to keep my tidy whity.

My making America great again in this manner is my theme
and is the best my base can worship in a leader it seems.

© 2018 Marina Rundell


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