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Occasional Picture January 2018

Happy New Year!

Perspective poster shows insight regarding the particular image displayed below in the sense that human points of view have more than one side and are not absolute in respect to all universal knowledge; however, for non-absolute, earthly knowledge, there are certain facts and truths. For example, a President not showing current tax returns is a fact. By not doing so, a President may be hiding something. Otherwise, the current tax returns would be shown. This is an opinion that has been proven true.

Perspective Poster



Anybody can always
be voted-in as President.

Dignity for all is always
a President’s motto.

A President will always
show current tax returns.

A political party is always

A religion is always
accurate in explaining everything.

A baby turning into an adult always
shows some form of evolution for survival.

God created apes and humans so both always
descended from God, and thus from each other.

Race dislike is always
a one-way street.

Signing up for safety with the job makes the badge never
a safety net over breaking the safety of an unarmed citizen.

Pro-life never
needs foster care.

Death never
applies to a fetus.

Birth is never
a public issue.

Abortion is never
a public issue.

Emotions are never

Thoughts are never

Retaliation with spite never
mirror the sender.

Understanding with kindness never
beget cruelty.

Peace never
diffuses war.

The world, a country, a city,
two hearts have never
gotten along.

Homo Sapiens will never
go extinct from its own
destruction of its own habitat.

The Force will always

© 2018 Marina Rundell


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