Arches National Park Hiking

Arches National Park hiking varies from difficult terrain to graveled moderate trails. A more challenging hike includes the trail to see the Delicate Arch (3.0 mile/4.8 km roundtrip). Pictures below feature the walk to the Delicate Arch.

An example of a graveled, mild, walk that feels like it's very long because you've just completed the Delicate Arch hike is the trail to see the Landscape Arch (1.6 mile/2.6 km roundtrip).

The Delicate Arch stands delicately and precariously on its own, making visitors wonder how long the arch will last, because should it fall over, it will simply topple down the mountain. More likely, pieces of it will slide off and the arch will slowly erode away. For the time being, nature has carved the desert into arches and the Delicate Arch is worth the hike up. Enjoy the way and remember to bring water to drink.

Trail markers leading to Delicate Arch

Trail marker to Delicate Arch

Climbing up and back down this rock face, to and from Delicate Arch

Rock Face trail going up to Delicate Arch

Climbing down from Delicate Arch

When you see this, it’s a sign you are getting close

Arch forming near Delicate Arch

Small arch shows you are very close. Don’t give up. You walked all this way. Keep trudging on.

Small arch very close to Delicate Arch

Walk on this rock path and around the corner to the right is the Delicate Arch. You may find yourself clinging onto the rock wall because there is nothing else on the other side of the path but a long drop down.

Path carved out of the rock to be able to see Delicate Arch

Finally! Miraculously you are able to take a photo without people in the picture! That is, someone actually proposed marriage under the arch. She said yes and everyone clapped.

Delicate Arch without people in the picture

Enjoy and maybe even take a picture. A few who didn’t give up and made it!

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

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