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Top edmonton internet service provider can be found by any of the links below.  If you are just starting to look for high speed internet providers, read Mr. Churchill's article below for some common sense advice.  He talks about Edmonton's need for high speed connection and what to be aware of before signing up with any company.  Search for your provider from any of the choices below. 

Low Cost Internet Service Providers.  Cursor down to find menu.  

Best Internet Service Providers - under the menu list from this link you will find, on November 2007 the following Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that are recommended:
  • Get COMCAST Internet - High Speed Cable, $50.00 Cash Back, $19.99/mo. for 6 months
  • Sign up now for NetZero Platinum - gives you fast reliable internet access for $9.95/month. 1/2 the price of AOL
  • Earthlink High Speed - Internet Access only $21.95/month

Satellite Internet providers

Global ISP

Comcast Internet

-  Menu above linked from this helpful article:  Top Edmonton Internet Service Provider - How To Find Them!
By Doug E Churchill

More ISPs in Canada:

  •  This site says 3 months High Speed Internet for Free, BUT, read the find print.  Your price may have a significant increase after three months.  Read Mr. Churchill's article above.

Internet Directory



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