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oprah book club features the books oprah, herself, has read and this has been good for the publishing industry as well as the readers who are interested and have enjoyed what oprah is reading.

The December 2007 listing shows the following books:


LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA - If you haven't yet seen this movie, go see it or rent it when it comes out on DVD!  It's very enjoyable and features a man who has feelings of true love that every woman would want!  The character of Javier Bardiem, Florentino.  Such a love is possible as long as every woman does her part in nurturing that love, but the woman must make the choice to do so if she hasn't been hurt too much.  If you are in a relationship right now where your other half is going through a mid-life crisis, then Florentino's true love, not necessarily the philandering actions, can be the escape and idealistic possibility while a mid-life crisis slaps you into reality.  The woman Florentino loves has a husband who has an affair; she ends up taking her husband back, but only after her husband goes to retrieve her.  If he doesn't, their marriage would have had a lesser chance of working.  The husband is played by Benjamin Bratt (only for humor's sake, the last name goes with the affair).  In the end, Florentino gets his wish.  His character seems to say that sex is sex (his character has kept count and a diary of how many women he's had) but his true love along with the sex is even better.  And in the end he's a happy man because he gets both.  Bardiem plays his role convincingly and makes the viewer believe him.  For sure the book has many more pages to dedicate to his character and his undying love.

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