Tallgrass Prairie
Occasional Picture December 2009

Tallgrass Prairie

© 2009 Marina Rundell

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Quotes below from Life After Death by Deepak Chopra:

"'The great sages declare that the soul survives beyond death. Is this true?' A black cloud came over Yama's [Death's] countenance. He sputtered with rage, but there was nothing for it but to answer me. 'I will tell you the truth,' he said. 'There are two paths in life, the path of wisdom and the path of ignorance. The path of wisdom is to pursue the Self. The path of ignorance is to pursue pleasure. Pleasure, being born of the senses, is temporary, and whatever is temporary falls under the sway of death. Thus the ignorant fall into my clutches. But the Self is the light of immortality. It shines forever. Few are wise enough to see this light, even though it is inside them and nowhere else. The Self is but the light of your soul."

"Savitri found this tale fascinating, but she was puzzled. 'How can we miss finding the soul if its light shines inside us?"

"Ramana stopped and looked around. He spied a rain puddle along the path and drew Savitri toward it. 'Do you see the sun reflected in that puddle?'"

"Savitri nodded. 'I do.'"

"'Then watch.'"

"Ramana stepped into the water, stirring up the mud and roiling the water's smooth surface. 'Can you still see the sun's reflection?'" Savitri admitted that she couldn't. 'This is why people cannot find the soul,' said Ramana. 'It is muddied by the mind's constant activity and confusion. When I destroyed the sun's reflection I didn't kill the sun. It is eternal, and nothing I do can extinguish it. Now you know the secret of the soul, which even Death cannot extinguish."


"Without death there can be no present moment, for the last moment has to die to make the next one possible. There can be no present love, for the last emotion has to die to make a new one possible. There can be no present life, for the old cells in my body have to die to make new tissue possible. This is the miracle of creation, which in every second is one thing: life and death joined in an eternal dance. It would be a catastrophe to exclude death from the dance. That would guarantee a universe with no chance for renewal. Fortunately, creation wasn't set up that way. We live in an endlessly re-created universe."


"By now the public is well aware that research on prayer has validated that it works. In a typical experiment volunteers, usually from church groups, are asked to pray for sick people in the hospital. They do not visit the person and often they have only a number rather than a name to go by. The prayer isn't specific; they are asked simply to pray for God's help. The results of such experiments have been startlingly positive. In the best-known one, conducted at Duke University in North Carolina, patients who were prayed for recovered faster and with fewer side effects than those not prayed for. Here we have one more demonstration that we are all connected by the same field of consciousness...The field of consciousness is primary to every phenomenon in Nature because of the gap that exists between every electron, every thought, every instant in time. The gap is the reference point, the stillness at the heart of creation, where the universe correlates all events."


"He couldn't see what family he would be born into, but Ramana knew his new purpose: to show these dreaming humans, whom he loved so much, how to wake up."




The rich tell the poor
Too bad
No money
No insurance

The poor tell the rich
Too bad
Won’t last
No insurance

The Earth tells both
You’re here
Premium met
That’s insurance

© 2009 Marina Rundell



It becomes a rainbow of rot
when it trickles down
into executives’ wallets
as a bonus. Top talent
must be rewarded.
They say this
with a straight face
to smooth away lie lines
stitched so tight,
they can’t smell themselves.

© 2009 Marina Rundell

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