Picnic Park in Winter
Occasional Picture February 2009

Framing Light at a Picnic Park in Winter

© 2009 Marina Rundell

A helpful and enjoyable read on personal growth.  Worth your time.

Your Erroneous Zones by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.





Browse through gloves, scarves, hats

clapping happily for a new President

reflected by a pool, memorial, monument

echoing America 


in your heart

in your tears 

you pay full price

because you’re buying it all.



© 2009 Marina Rundell




inside a burning cabinet

that even a broken levee

can’t put out

a brownie mix there

a rice bag standing by

a rum-filled jar all around

a chino rag disclosed

stacked on a rack

gets fired



© 2009 Marina Rundell

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