Einstein Statue
Occasional Pictures October 2009

In Washington D.C. the Einstein Statue is at 21st Street and Constitution, a comfortable, short, tree-shaded walk north from the Lincoln Memorial. It is hidden behind some landscaping bushes.


Einstein Statue Hand

Einstein Statue Feet

Einstein Statue Left Shoulder View Einstein Statue Right Shoulder View
Left Shoulder View
Right Shoulder view

Einstein Statue

© 2009 Marina Rundell



First, take a big dip in Blackwater

swim around a bit in a sandbox

and as soon as the usual grains

of war atrocities stick on like cancer

it's called the perfect Afghanis-Tan.

© 2009 Marina Rundell




Granny Smith
gives Affordamericared.
8K deductible, after insurance pays 80%
200/month premium
$30 copay.

gives Affordablecared.
9k deductible, after insurance pays 70%
300/month premium
$40 copay.

Golden Delicious
gives Applesaucecared
Claims this is better!
Not only will it charge more
it also serves you pie!

The first two follow suit.
Care, equipment, and drug providers
do the same. There it is
for who can take
the most dough
and give back crust.

Let the baking
of the marketplace begin!

© 2009 Marina Rundell


Quotes below from the book, Socrates, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus by Karl Jaspers.

From the section on Socrates:

"Conversation, dialogue, is necessary for the truth itself, which by its nature opens up an individual only in dialogue with another individual."

"The significance of Socrates' approach is that one must know one's ignorance and embark on the journey of thought."

"Socrates does not hand down wisdom but makes the other find it."

"Thus Socrates' questioning, disproving, testing are sustained by the confidence that by forthright thinking a man, with God's help, will arrive at the truth."

From the section on Buddha:

"Because the doctrine is addressed to the individual and to all individuals, because it knows itself to be a light that should reach out into the world and shine everywhere, there is another new factor: the conscious mission. Thus from the very start Buddha founded a monastic community which is two things at once: a path of salvation for the individual and a means of propagating the doctrine by journeyings through the world."

"The spread, transformation, and ramification of Buddhism are one of the great themes in the religious history of Asia. Only once consciously fostered from above, by the initiative of a powerful ruler (Asoka), the vast spread of Buddhism was on the whole a quiet, forceful process."

"But a strange thing happened. In India, which produced Buddhism, it died out. Moved by an overpowering instinct, India remained Hindu, choosing to live in castes, with the old gods, in a philosophically conceived totality, and here Buddhism vanished."

"His radical freedom from the world resulted in an equally radical tolerance toward the world. For all worldliness rests on the same foundation of ignorance; it is an illusion and a veil that must be dispelled. Indifference toward the intrinsic untruth of the world gives all its variants equal rank as starting points from which to transcend it."

"There remains the Buddhist love which partakes in the suffering and joy of all living beings and refrains from violence. Despite all the terrible things that have happened in Asia as everywhere else, an aura of gentleness lies over the peoples that have been touched by Buddhism. Buddhism is the one world religion that has known no violence, no persecution of heretics, no inquisitions, no witch trials, no crusades."

From the section on Confucius:

"The superior man does not waste himself on what is distant, on what is absent. He stands in the here and now, in the real situation. 'The superior man's path is like a long journey; you must begin from right here. The superior man's path begins with the concerns of the common man and woman, but it reaches into the distance, penetrating heaven and earth.'"

"'He who has the inner being also has the words; he who has the words does not always have the inner being.'"

"'Therefore the superior man chooses words that can be employed without doubt, and forms judgments that can be converted into actions without fear of doubt. The superior man tolerates no imprecision in his speech.'"

"'To represent what you know and what you do not know as ignorance: that is knowledge.'"

"'That good predispositions are not cultivated, that what men have learned is not effectual, that men know their duty and are not drawn to it, that men have faults and are unable to correct them: these are things that grieve me.' Sometimes he says he can no longer find a single true man. 'It is all over. I have met none able to see his own faults, to look within and accuse himself.' Nowhere does he find reliance on the love of humanity and on horror of the inhuman. 'I have seen none who loved moral worth as he loves women's beauty.'"

"'I do not grumble against heaven, I am not angry with men. I have searched here below and I am in communication with heaven. Heaven knows me.'"

From the section on Jesus:

"Only faith can see Jesus. Therefore: 'Blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.'"

"Thus man cannot keep accounts with God. God 'maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.' Human thought cannot undermine faith by figuring out what ought to happen. 'With God all things are possible.' Whatever happens, God knows why, and the believer finds no grievance against God in an unexpected catastrophe or in events that he simply cannot understand."

"This faith is expressed in the 'Our Father.' Three phrases are crucial: 'Thy kingdom come' --in the kingdom we shall be one with God's will, the world will be ended and with it all affliction. 'Give us this day our daily bread'--freedom from worldly cares is possible only through the faith that builds on God. 'Forgive us our trespasses; and lead us not into temptation'--freedom from sins is the way to the kingdom of heaven, and freedom from sin can be given only by God."

"The world passeth away, the kingdom abideth forever."

"The world is not the first and last; a man is doomed to die, mankind itself will not endure forever. In this situation the alternative is: with God or against God; good or evil. Jesus reminds men of this extreme situation."

From latter sections of book:

"Jesus proclaims the only way; Socrates leaves man free, but keeps reminding him of his responsibility rooted in freedom. Both raise supreme claims. Jesus confers salvation. Socrates provokes men to look for it."

"Herein they [all four] are beacons by which to gain an orientation, not models to imitate."

"Only the neglect of crucial points or interpretations that becloud certain essentials can lead the average Westerner to suppose that he is seriously imitating Jesus, not to mention Buddha. Such hypocrisies have nothing to do with the possibility of a true imitation. Where it actually occurs, it commands respect. But one who philosophizes should clearly see the conditions under which such imitation is possible and the inescapable consequences. Only then can he know, in the concrete situations of his life, what he is doing and what he wants."

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