Occasional Picture January 2010



© 2010 Marina Rundell


The truck is gone.
The imprint remains.
Another way of looking at the Earth
and everything in it
including your thoughts and emotions.

Now pay closer attention
to the awareness
observing those tracks.
Enjoy getting to know the real you.

© 2010 Marina Rundell



Quote below from A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle:

"The thought forms of 'me' and 'mine' of 'more than,' of 'I want,' 'I need,' 'I must have,' and of 'not enough' pertain not to content but to the structure of the ego. The content is interchangeable. As long as you don't recognize those thought forms within yourself, as long as they remain unconscious, you will believe in what they say; you will be condemned to acting out those unconscious thoughts, condemned to seeking and not finding--because when those thought forms operate, no possession, place, person, or condition will ever satisfy you."

Another way this is communicated is in quote below from Power Freedom and Grace by Deepak Chopra.

"[Most people] They just act out their thoughts, and they aren't even aware that they are not their thoughts."



More quotes from Power Freedom and Grace:

"Most people say, 'I'm happy because...because I have family and friends, because I have a great job, because I have money and security.' All of these reasons for happiness are tenuous; they come and go like a passing breeze. And when happiness eludes us, we seek pleasure through addictive behaviors [example: one mistress after another] out of the unconscious hope that we find joy. External causes of happiness never create real joy. Joy is an internal state of consciousness that determines how we perceive and experience the world. The internal source of joy--our connection to our Creator, our source, our inner self--is the cause, while happiness is its effect."

"If you have lost touch with your internal source of joy, if the happiness you experience always originates in circumstances outside yourself, then you are at the mercy of every situation and every stranger you meet. This kind of happiness is always elusive."

"Vedanta, one of the world's most ancient philosophies, tells us that happiness for a reason is just another from of misery because the reason can be taken away from us at any time. To be happy for no reason is the happiness we want to experience."


More quotes from Power Freedom and Grace:

"There never was a time when your life was not this moment. There never will be a time when your life is not this moment. It is impossible to deal with that which does not exist in this moment. Therefore, live in this moment by keeping your attention in this moment. Abide in this moment, and you will abide in that which is eternal, timeless, ageless, and fresh."

"Keep your attention on this moment. This moment is the only moment you have the power to act. You cannot take action in the past or in the future, so if you dwell on the past or on the future, you feel powerless. Life is in this moment. Therefore, live in this moment. Act in this moment. Intend in this moment. Detach from worry in this moment. Stay in this moment. This is life-centered, present-moment awareness."

"No matter how hysterical your environment appears to be, remain alert and sober in your ever-present witnessing awareness. Resolve not to get drawn into the melodrama around you."

"None of us are the roles we play. Recognizing this truth, it is easier to forgive all perceived transgressions. We don't feel compelled to label, evaluate, analyze, or judge ourselves or others. When we have no need to label or judge, it's easier to relinquish the desire to control and manipulate others."

"When walking, have awareness that you are walking. When sitting, have awareness that you are sitting. When breathing, have awareness that you are breathing. This is life-centered, present-moment awareness. Practice until you can stay anchored in this awareness and make it a permanent habit. Soon you will realize that in the dance of the universe, you are not walking; walking is happening. You are not sitting. sitting is happening. And you are not breathing; the one Being is breathing through you."



Dear Successful Man,
Have you heard of these cheating vaccines?
They’ve been called “Don’t Get Married,”
“Don’t Have Children,” “Don’t Commit,”
“Don’t Lead Your Fans On.”
No apologies to wife, children and public required.
No erased cell phone messages required.
No costly privacy cover-ups required.
No mistress hush-blackmail money required.
No lies to cover up more lies.
No image repair required,
but still lots of repair
in front of the mirror.
You may conclude that you do
truly want these vaccines, after all.
These drugs ensure that you can go as you please,
do as you please, with anyone you please
with as much money as you please.
Love? It’s what brought you
your success. Try enjoying it more with integrity.
If you’re already married and have kids, divorce kindly.
Don’t let ego and thus unconsciousness
add violence to it.

Dear Wife of a Successful Man,
If you choose to be by yourself
you’re not alone.
Go be with Nature, really be with it.
Learn about the ego and being unconscious
in yourself and others,
and then add your peace to it.
Read, take walks, watch comedy and laugh.
Figure out what works for you.
Love? It’s already given to you.
You don’t believe me?
Return to the present moment
as much as possible
describe what you hear, see, touch right now.
It takes conscious effort.
You may say, the present moment, 
yeah, really, with a skeptic  tone.
When you know what I mean,
I believe you’re on your way.

Dear Mistress of a Successful Man,
You knew he wanted his golf clubs polished
and you went for it. You took advantage
of his pot of golden unconsciousness.
You didn’t have to ask for his millions
but you did, so admit it,
you‘re a good businesswoman
with body, hands and all.
Love? It has been given to you, too.
How about giving it
to the rest of the world,
like understanding
for your fellow, married women
and tell their husbands no?
The universe has some order,
and it seems your unconsciousness
fits-in to urge the rest of us
and you, too, to wake up.

Dear Society of Successful People,
Wipe the sleep off?
To start asking all the questions
about overcelebrityhood?
about overspending fandom?
about re-making golf and others like it
as simply a stick hitting a ball
and not an oversized
advertising machine for profit?
What happens when marriage is added to this?
The Internet goes crazy.
Is it showing us to be sane about marriage?
To not be alarmed at the repeated beeping of vows
snoozing us one way,
to go back for a nap with lies,
or the other,
to get up with love.

Dear Successful
Consider the vaccines.

© 2010 Marina Rundell



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