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Ruins of Steps
Occasional Picture July 2010

Ruins of Steps at Death Valley National Park.

Ruins of Steps at Death Valley

© 2010 Marina Rundell


Excerpt below from Doing Less And Having More. Five Easy Steps For Discovering What You Really Want--And Getting It by Marcia Wieder.


"As a new member of the monastery, a young monk observed many of the elders sitting around a large wooden table with pen in hand. The young monk asked, 'What do they copy, Brother?'"

"'As they have been for centuries, they are writing word for word what is contained in the ancient writs. These will take the place of the old, and will be handed down to the next generation of monks to copy as well.'"

"'What happens if they copy it wrong?' the young one asked."

"'Throughout the centuries that has never happened. Here, follow me and I will show you,' said the elder monk, leading the younger one by the hand toward a great door with many locks on it."

"After unlocking the first door, the elder monk whispered, 'Wait right here and I will find the first book ever written with our teachings in it and you can compare it to the newest book.'"

"After waiting for about an hour, the young monk got curious and peeked inside the room to see the elder monk with his head bowed in his arms. Hearing sobs, the younger monk raced into the room and said, 'Brother, Brother, what could be wrong?'"

"The elder monk looked up with tears in his eyes and said, 'Celebrate! The word was celebrate, not celibate!'"

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