Death Valley
Occasional Pictures
June 2010


oil can

Picture taken at Death Valley

Picture Taken at Death Valley

© 2010 Marina Rundell

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Rub on the fish first
before cooking,
rather than splattering
over a heated pan.

Pressed from the fruit
heals when extra virgin
these olive fats.
If only we were addicted.

© 2010 Marina Rundell



Walks into a restaurant
with tails, bowtie, even a cane
but now wears a polo
with company logo,
so casual and caring.

Sees the table properly set,
glad to dine at such places
but now must gulp down
the grilling of greasy headlines.

Sets napkin on lap properly,
hand and fork correctly held,
back straight, reserved,
but now must be seen,
even chat public relations
with lips sauced over with oil
that manners can’t wipe off.

© 2010 Marina Rundell







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