Occasional Picture August 2011



© 2011 Marina Rundell


The mystery of a mushroom
growing from a dying tree

is what my older lids see
after young eyes
point it out to me.

For them it’s the glee
of reaching to kick it free
with the excitement
of new energy.

© 2011 Marina Rundell


Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
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Excerpts below:

"The world of the 10,000 things is also called 'the world of the changing.' You see it in your ever-altering life, even as you want everything to be stable and predictable. However, all things on our planet are in constant motion. As Albert Einstein once observed, 'Nothing happens until something moves.' This 58th verse of the Tao Te Ching stresses that there's another way to see the world, one that virtually guarantees that you'll be untroubled by good or bad fortune. Instead of only noticing the constantly shifting energy pattern of the material world, this verse invites you to let yourself focus on the unchanging Tao."

"Like most humans, you probably want your surroundings to be permanent, steady, reliable, secure, and predictable. However, your reality unequivocally insists that you take into account the opposite and unpredictable that are present in every experience you have. After all, even the landscape that surrounds you is far from orderly: Mountain ranges go up and then down into valleys. Trees tower over shrubs, and cloud formations are ominously black at times and fluffy white at others. In every perfectly sunny day, there's a storm hiding, and in every rainstorm lies a drought waiting its turn. Up and down and the unexpected are the norm of nature; hills and dales are the way of the 10,000 things."

"Change your view of the peaks and valleys of all of life to an attitude that allows you to discover what's hidden in both of those experiences. Begin to see wholeness rather than good or bad fortune. See opposites as parts of oneness, rather than disrupting surprises. In a world of pure Taoist unity, there's no good or bad luck; it's indivisible. What you're calling 'bad' fortune has 'good' just waiting to emerge because it's the other half."


"See wholeness in place of good or bad fortune."

"When anyone is in the midst of an experience you believe is fortunate, such as a blissful relationship, financial success, excellent health, a great job with a new promotion, or children excelling in school, know that all is subject to change. Accumulated wealth has poverty hidden in it; popularity has nonrecognition camouflaged in it, too. And, of course, the same is true during the periods that are generally thought of as unfortunate."


"Practice forgiving, and avoiding judgment, when you see reprehensible or evil-minded ways."

"Take Lao-tzu up on his advice for dealing with those who appear to be wicked people by mentally separating the individuals from their toxic behavior. Remember that they are Divine creations of the Tao who simply believe that ego should control life. In your thoughts, erase the vileness, the wrongdoing, and the addictive or harmful actions; and allow those folks to just be there apart from their malevolent behavior. See the unfolding of the Tao in them, and picture them as innocent children who are overstimulated by ego's temporary stronghold. In your mind, forgive the evil conduct, and make every effort to wrap loving arms around the children you see before you."

"Lao-tzu urges you to treat yourself in a similar manner: Cast out any behavior you dislike about yourself, allow your pain to be felt, and absolve yourself. With these behaviors removed, visualize embracing yourself, and notice the radiant being of light who is yourself in your imagination. Practice elevating yourself with your Tao deeds and doling out kindness to others as well as yourself. This is how you apply this verse of the Tao, which is indeed the remedy for all evil."


"Lao-tzu insists that the universe is whole; that is, it's in a state of oneness. There are no parts needing separation from this state. Sky, earth, spirit, and the 10,000 things are all parts of the whole--and what's more, that's their virtue! Now while the sky and the trees may truly be in a unified state, your ego insists that you're separate, distinct, and generally superior. But if you can modify your ego's viewpoint, your life will change.”


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