Turtle Race
Occasional Picture July 2011

Turtle Race.

Turtle Race

© 2011 Marina Rundell


Excerpts from Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

“The main problem with listening to ego is that you’re always caught in the trap of striving and never arriving. Thus, you can never feel complete.”

“By holding back ego’s demands, even for a few moments, you will feel more and more fulfilled.”

“As the eternal Tao is in a continuous state of creating, it knows precisely when enough is enough. Deep within ourselves, we sense that this organizing principle of unconditional supply knows when to stop, so we don’t need to question the quantities that the Tao brings forth.”

“The Tao has the capability to generate everything in amounts that would stupefy an observer, yet its gentle humility seems to know when there are enough trees, flowers, bees, hippos, and every other living thing. Excess is eschewed by the Tao. It doesn’t need to show off its unlimited capacity for creating—it knows exactly when to stop. This verse invites us to be in spiritual rapport with this characteristic of the Tao.”

“Cramming life with possessions, pleasures, pride, and activities when we’ve obviously reached a point where more is less indicates being in harmony with ego, not the Tao! Living humility knows when to just stop, let go, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.”

“Come to grips with the radical concept of ‘enough is enough’!” Make this commitment even though you live in a world addicted to the idea that one can never have enough of anything.”

“The next time you’re mired in a desire for more, stop and think of the Tao. This creation principle fully grasps the idea that when the work is done, then for God’s sake, it’s time to stop!”

“Sight, scent, sound, touch, and taste are the domains of the senses. If you’re locked into a belief that the pursuit of sensory satisfaction is the focus of life, you’ll be consumed by what Lao-Tzu calls ‘the chase.’ This quest for adoration, money, and power is a waste of energy because there’s never enough, so striving for more defines your daily regimen. You can’t arrive at a place of peace and inner satisfaction when your entire existence is motivated by not having enough. In fact, Lao-Tzu states that the relentless chase is a formula for craziness.”

“You’re being encouraged to simplify your life by not seeking another thing. Yes, others might judge you as unmotivated and call you an ignoramus, but your reward will be the strong sense of inner peace that comes from a direct knowing that you’re here as a guest who’s always being provided for. Yes, you may seem to be missing something, but the something is really only an illusion. You’re no longer living inside of yourself with a desire to be someone else or to gain something that seems to be omnipresent in all of those around you—you’ve traded in striving for arriving.”

Change your thoughts change your life   



There once were some waffles attached to the heat
How can the butter melt to eat
How can the toaster burn more feats
How can syrup bubble like beets
How can crumbs dig for drama like cleats
How can nice n toasty glow like ignited wheat
How can full plates parch empty like sour sweets

There once were some waffles unplugged from the heat

© 2011 Marina Rundell

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