Occasional Picture May 2011

Bleachers full of backpacks, jackets, and water bottles. Happy Mother's Day!


© 2011 Marina Rundell



There are many Mother's Day poems online. Here is one them:

Poem written by a soldier in WWII.

A Soldiers Mother’s Day

By Sgt. Peter F. Benzmiller

164 Infantry Co. B

While serving in Guadalcanal WWII

Just one special Sunday,

Set apart for mothers dear,

To pay her special honor

Just that Sunday of the year.

Buying flowers for her

Or sending candies sweet,

Or doing her some honor,

Just for a special treat.

But a lonesome soldier,

His mother far away;

Can only think of her,

When he kneels down to pray.

He cannot buy her candies,

Nor the flowers that he would;

If he were only with her

To do the things he could.

He does pay her honor,

In his own special way,

For in his prayers and thoughts,

Every day is Mother’s Day.


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