Throw in the Can
Occasional Picture August 2012

Throw in the can.

Thrown in the Can

© 2012 Marina Rundell



Again and again, over and over

It’s all about me, she whines innocently.

It’s all about you on standby in the forest howling to protect me, she whines wolfingly.

It’s all about you revealing your true identity sparkling for me, she whines twinkingly.

It’s all about me dying, opening lively red eyes for all of you, she whines vampiringly.

It’s still about me, she whines wantonly.

Forever and ever, on and on about me.

© 2012 Marina Rundell


Should I have kindly broken up
With my wife first?
Would it have lessened the suffering?

I can tell actors this and that
Command the camera man to cut
Dictate costume seams here and there

Why I can’t be with my wife and children
Ambition or comfort of home—tough choices
None are stable, not even my breath

So why not live it up
Give mid-life crisis as the reason
Or whatever else, climbing a ladder

That keeps climbing to where
I don’t even know when I get there
Cause it won’t stop

Directing the director directions

© 2012 Marina Rundell


What led to this?
Me in a house on top of a hill
By myself caring for my children
A story I’ve seen before

Working with geniuses
So I speak up to him

He’s too busy to even listen
I see it’s too late
He’s already hooked up
With someone else

Stay together, not,
Break-up peacefully, yes,
Take time to figure some
Of it all out, like

Gripping the handle
Of a spatula scooping dough
Bubbling on a heated pan
Flipping pancakes

Right here, right now
That’s it
That’s all there really is
And I laugh

© 2012 Marina Rundell


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