Christmas Snowman
Occasional Picture December 2012

Season’s Greetings!

Christmas Snowman

© 2012 Marina Rundell


Excerpts from After the Ecstasy, the  Laundry, by Jack Kornfield:

“Betrayal itself becomes our teacher. We must bow to betrayal, because it brings us back to the truth.
It demands that we learn discriminating wisdom, that we speak honestly, that we examine our ideals and our faults, that we wrestle with forgiveness. Few tasks are as rich in their teaching.”

“In her recently published book, Lives in the Shadow, Radha Rajagopal Sloss gives an intimate account of growing up with Krishnamurti. She portrays the gifts of courage and awakening he brought to tens of thousands of students worldwide, and writes of the many years Krishnamurti was a loving second father to her. But she also tells of her shock when she learned the details of his twenty-year affair with her mother, which took place while her father was Krishnamurti’s business manager and one of his closest friends. Beyond that, she tells of Krishnamurti’s compulsive but secret need for still other women in his life, and of hidden abortions, duplicitous cover-ups, growing attachment to luxury, and an arrogance and rigidity that led to prolonged legal battles with his own staff. These tales have also been told by others who knew him well. Yet when he was asked about his part in this by Radha, Krishnamurti angrily remonstrated, ‘I have no ego.’”

“What do we make of such a story, and of the many others like it? Is each spiritual scandal a unique failure, or are there certain dynamics, almost archetypal, we might discern, which might help us navigate more consciously this aspect of the spiritual path?”

“Before beginning any inventory of our own and others’ failings, it is important to examine our eyes and heart, to be sure that we enter this terrain with an open and careful spirit, rather than in a spirit of anger, comparison, or self-justification. What is needed at such a moment is the spirit of discriminating wisdom.”

“Discriminating wisdom, however fearless, must also be based in compassion. It sees not only the problems, but the causes and misguided intentions that preceded them. Because it sees without harsh judgment, it can separate and distinguish what is skillful from what is deluded. More than this, discriminating wisdom recognizes that every tradition and every teacher has strengths and weaknesses. Thus it is able to take the good and leave the rest.”

“There is modesty and kindness in discriminating wisdom: It does not expect perfection but is willing to see two sides, to learn from every situation, to acknowledge difficulties and understand their causes. Let us look then in this openhearted way at some of the major areas of teacher-community difficulties along the spiritual journey.”

“In the Kalama sutra the Buddha instructed each practitioner to look honestly at what is wise and healthy and what is unwise and unhealthy, independent of any text or teaching or authority.”

“We have to learn that we can trust the truth and that the truth will lead to freedom.”


  After the Ecstasy, The Laundry by Jack Kornfield



The seductress sends an email threat
For rivals to stay away from her big get

She must have her somebody General only to herself
To be without would feel like a nobody self

A Captain, Major, Colonel won’t do, because nothing will ever do
Four stars seem enough, she wants the status to own them, too

She must preserve her worth and protect
Her thinking of a Commander that’s perfect

© 2012 Marina Rundell


Do this, do that
No questions

Will you do this, would you do that

The transition is haaard

Drop all medals already won
And instead fawn
For an eeeasy one

Newly decorated
Mission accomplished

© 2012 Marina Rundell


Are you turning on
the power of your high heels?

Your hobby of collecting Generals
has been a comedy-on-wheels.

Will you now wear flats?
So those around you can stop?

No more email threats,
No more shirtless pics.

One less going stiletto
teetering off a show.

© 2012 Marina Rundell


we’ve all heard
the hurt will go away in time

until then, feel
the anger, betrayals, lies,
everything 100 percent

acknowledge them, accept them,
then kindly ask them to leave
and lovingly let them go

beware, don’t let them attach
surround them in peace
the instant they reappear

how to do this?
focus, really focus
be with the present moment
heard this before?
it’s repeated because it works

we’ve all heard
the hurt will go away in time

true, the hurt will go away in time

if you let it

© 2012 Marina Rundell


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