love-struck graffiti
Occasional Picture February 2012

To the left are chains and to the right are chains and in between is love-struck graffiti.

© 2012 Marina Rundell



Wife Number One
If you were to get sick
Would you let me sneak
And sleep with other women?

Wife Number Two
If you were to get sick
Would you let me play
In an open marriage?

Wife Number Three
If you were to get sick
Would you let me take my pick
At anyone waiting at the wings
Like you rabidly eyed for me
When you knew I was married?

Possible Wife Number Four
If Wife Number Three gets sick
Would you be ready and willing
When I give you my duivel smile?

Thank you for not answering,
Because you see, your answer
Doesn’t really matter to me.

So I select Wife Number Four
She doesn’t exist yet (wink)
And if I get sick
She won’t be there to leave me
She has the honorable
Absent qualifications
Of becoming not my First
But my Fourth Lady.

© 2012 Marina Rundell



it’s the newest super hero
to hit the flat screen
and some analog screens

it uses dollar vision
with heated negativity
to laser beam
passion-struck minds

it can leap
in surround sound
with the ads
of hushed donors

all watching
with coiny eyes
shouting picture clear

it’s a dove,
it’s a drone,
no, it’s Super Pac!

© 2012 Marina Rundell



let's go to our chapel
our pew with a plasma view

to raise up a chalice
full of salty chips

to drink down sip
after sip, dip
after dip, crunch

after crunch, to open
and fizz six-packs

like a choir
without an organ
when we praise

hail Mary
it's a touchdown

© 2012 Marina Rundell


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