Maramec Spring Park
Occasional Picture January 2012

Maramec Spring Park near St. James, Missouri.

Maramec Spring Park

© 2012 Marina Rundell




For the firefighters
Arriving at a moment’s notice.

For the police officers
Protecting after a 911.

For the ambulance drivers
And medics.

For the ER nurses and doctors
Patching with staples and kind words.

It seems there’s nothing
I can give to equal.

But I can live in the spirit of
The right path of their work

For this and every

© 2012 Marina Rundell



The storyline asks you
to debate to death
your opponent.

You pick up the controller
that has special buttons
for perfect speeches.

Push A the right words come out.
Push B patriotic songs hum with you.
Push C answers flow freely.

With this tool
your journey begins
for votes
on the ballot screen.

Flip flop
as first person
or third person
as much as you want.

Become everything
for everyone
as much as possible.

If you see the polls
like little trolls
about to defeat you

Push D
silence draws out
like a weapon
for your defense.

© 2012 Marina Rundell


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