Elephant Rocks
Occasional Picture October 2012

Elephant Rocks State Park near Potosi, Missouri.

Elephant Rock

© 2012 Marina Rundell


one teenager posing
running in front of a large
round rock resting
waiting for an Indiana Jones remake

the younger tween crouching
bending beneath a big
oval boulder, shoulders
hands holding it up like Atlas

you standing
grinning between granite
grainy walls pushing them left
right as if parting the Red Sea

me smiling
rolling in your bright  
quick wit making something of stones
gems appreciating their nothingness

© 2012 Marina Rundell



The democan stands next to a repubocrat
As they wait in line for a cup of coffee,
At a sporting event, at a movie theater,
At a festival. Unscramble temporarily

Into a democrat and a republican
For one ballot-casting day. Rescramble

Into a demlican and a repemocrat.

© 2012 Marina Rundell

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